welcome to a page all about my town on animal crossing new leaf!
i'm currently kind of taking a hiatus of playing so who knows if this will update frequently. :)

mayor: jess
town name: nealburg
created: 11/25/2016
ordinance: beautiful town
native fruit: apple









even though it makes me look heartless, villagers with names in red are the ones i'd rather not have live in nealburg.
my favorite villager is vivian. ♥

one day maybe i'll make a wishlist of villagers for the future...

screenshots gallery

more coming soon (whenever i'm not too lazy to upload pics from my ds lol~)

turkey's ramblings about acnl

new leaf is the first animal crossing game i've properly played. i was hooked from the first day i tried it because it's the perfect fit for me. i was always addicted to neopets and i think what i loved so much about that was the freedom you have while playing. there are endless options of what you might choose to do in the game and there's no pressure to do anything in a certain way... this goes for animal crossing, too. i've never been a competitive person. animal crossing gives me an escape from the real world where i feel totally stress free.

i'm in love with the atmosphere within animal crossing. i aim for my town to have a nostalgic and whimsical aura. i especially love when it rains.

my goals

♥ fill nealburg with blue pansies
♥ keep planting trees
♥ more public works projects
♥ complete paths layout