welcome to turkey's shrine/fan page for the best manga series of all time... azumanga daioh!!!

one day in 2005, my mom took my brother, me, and my best friend to a very small shopping mall about an hour from where we lived. they had a tiny borders bookstore where i found the first volume of azumanga daioh. i was 11 or 12 years old at the time and i was very drawn to the art style and 4 panel format right away. i bought it with my allowance money and fell in love immediately!! i probably read the first volume 10 times before getting the other 3 volumes at a hastings in my town. i still have the original 4 books that i've read a million times over.

~about azumanga daioh~

azumanga daioh is a slice of life manga by kiyohiko auma about 6 high school girls and 2 of their teachers. it doesn't have any intense storylines, which i think gives the characters lots of room to be endearing and eccentric. ^^

there's also an azumanga daioh anime series and two art books!

azumanga daioh ran from february 1999 to may 2002 in dengeki daioh.

~about the characters~

full name: ayumu kasuga
nickname: osaka
height: 156 cm
character song: Firmly TRY La Lai

osaka got her nickname from being an exchange student from... osaka!! she's the one in the group with her head in the clouds. she's my favorite character because i can relate to her spaciness. ^^

fun fact: osaka hates spicy food and carbonated drinks.

full name: chiyo mihama
nickname: chiyo-chan
height: 133 cm
character song: The world is NEOHAPPY

chiyo-chan is a child prodigy who is ironically sometimes more mature and studious than her older friends. she has a super cute great pyrenees named tadakichi-san.

fun fact: chiyo is a big fan of the yomiuri giants.

full name: never specified
nickname: sakaki
height: 174 cm
character song: The heart is a girl's parachute

from an outside perspective, sakaki seems to be the cool type because she's talented in sports and is mysterious. deep down she loves cute things and cats despite her intimidating outward personality.

fun fact: sakaki makes a cameo appearance as a philosopher who criticizes quine in classroom of thesis; from the report to the graduation thesis by kazuhisa todayama.

full name: tomo takino
nickname: tomo-chan
height: 154 cm
character song: Poi Poi PEACE

tomo is the most energetic of the group and is very competitive despite being a slacker in school and not being very athletic. she is one of the funniest characters in the series in my opinion!! ^^

fun fact: tomo's favourite foods are fried chicken, egg roll, meatballs and bananas.

full name: koyomi mizuhara
nickname: yomi
height: 163 cm
character song: Each Oneway

yomi is the straight man of the group, her mature personality seems opposite most characters but it keeps everyone balanced. throughtout the series, she's shown to try many different diets and tries to lose weight.

fun fact: yomi is not very good at singing but she still loves to do it.

full name: never specified
nickname: kagura
height: never specified
character song: I won't lose tomorrow GO! FRIEND!

kagura is one of the most athletic and sporty girls in the group and is very competitive. she even created a rivalry between herself and sakaki despite sakaki not being interested. she's just as energetic as tomo and always wants to help her friends out.

fun fact: her name comes from shinto ritual: the kanji for kagura (神楽) mean 'entertainment of the gods', used to describe the traditional music played at shrines and the imperial court.

full name: yukari tanizaki
nickname: yukari
height: 158 cm
character song: Otona wo yasunde dekakeyou & Tenshoku Equal Kaikan no Housoku

yukari is the homeroom teacher of the main cast. she has a very over the top personality and a close, casual relationship with her students which leads to many hilarious antics. she is prone to mood swings... sometimes easily angered, sometimes acting buddy-buddy with students and her best friend, minamo.

fun fact: yukari is a terrible driver. riding in her car, known as yukari-mobile, even gave chiyo-chan post traumatic stress disorder.

full name: minamo kurosawa
nickname: nyamo (by yukari)
height: 161 cm
character song: Otona wo yasunde dekakeyou & Tenshoku Equal Kaikan no Housoku

minamo is the gym teacher at the girl's school, as well as coach of the swim team. she has a more mild personality, and could be compared to being the yomi to yukari's tomo. she's well liked by students but is more professional about it than yukari.

fun fact: on one of the group's summer trips, minamo got drunk in hopes of keeping the alcohol away from yukari and ended up telling the girls about the birds and the bees.

pics from manga panda's scans

~the pets and mascots of azumanga daioh~

neco coneco
a mascot popular with the girls

chiyo-chan's dog

a cat in the neighborhood that loves to tempt sakaki to pet it and then bites her

an iriomote mountain cat that becomes sakaki's pet

AKA chiyo-chan's dad

~video games~

azumanga donjyara daioh

a puzzle game similar to mahjong, released by bandai for playstation in 2002

azumanga daioh puzzle bobble

an arcade-only puzzle bobble spin-off, released by taito corporation in 2002

azumanga daioh advance

a card-playing game, released by king records for gameboy advance in 2003

~my azumanga daioh collection~

my collection is pretty modest since azumanga daioh merchandise isn't the easiest thing to find. ^^
probably my most prized part of the collection is my copy of osaka banpaku, the 10th anniversary book!


the op and ed of the anime series

azumanga web daioh/あずまんがWEB大王, the original net animation

あずまんが大王(劇場短編/azumanga daioh: the very short movie

two of my favorite azumanga daioh AMVs ^^


here are some azumanga daioh graphics i've found across the web! please feel free to save these and use them!