when i was around 9 or 10 years old, i used to love going to the public library and reading nonfiction books about whatever interested me at the time. i don't remember how, but i stumbled upon a book about aliens, paranormal stuff, and cryptids. i was immediately fascinated and spent a few weeks checking out every book i could about those subjects. i don't remember much about what i read, but for some reason i do remember the illustrations from the pioneer plaque making a big impression on me that never left.

for most of my childhood, i was simultaneously terrified and fasinated in aliens. i remember staying at a friend's house for a slumber party when i was around 11. he lived in a very spacious house in the country and the house was surrounded by forest and a lake. all of us slept in the house's finished basement across a few different rooms. i've always had a hard time falling asleep in locations i'm not familiar with... hours after everyone had fallen asleep, i laid on a small couch under a few blankets and flipped through the channels on tv and came across the movie signs. i only watched a small portion of the movie but it set my mind on fire and i became panicked thinking about aliens.

i'm not sure what possessed me to do so, but i stood up on the couch and drew back the curtains on a large window behind me. i must have been trying to reassure myself that there wasn't anything outside but i found out that the window was wide open with no screen... it must have been a full moon because i could clearly see my friend's whole backyard bathed in moonlight. it was such a surreal feeling, like a dream.


of course there's a million!! but these are all good starting points to a wiki binge. ^_^

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there's too many to list but here are some of my favorite extraterrestrial characters!

zim from invader zim

kang and kodos from the simpsons

alien aishas from neopets

E.T. from E.T. the extra-terrestrial


help yourself to these kool alien graphics i found around the web!