just a page for you to get to know a little more about what i'm in to =)

sewing ~ quilting ~ cross stitch ~ embroidery
painting ~ drawing ~ keeping a cute planner
fitness ~ dieting ~ reading books and manga

eventually i want to get a better catalogue of what i have and maybe make collecting a page of it's own,
i love to collect...
g1 and g3 my little pony ~ SANRIO ~ furby
cabbage patch kids magic meadow ponies
squishies ~ cute stationery and home goods
whatever else i think is cute!! ^_^

i'm a fan of too many series and movies... i couldn't cover everything.
maybe i could... but i'm too lazy. -_- so here are some of my favorite characters!!!

~*~*hover over images to see name*~*~

i probably forgot lots but ya! ^_^ these character all mean a lot to me!
i left off live action ones because it looked weird mixing 2d and 3d lol


~*~*hover over images to see name*~*~

★ updatez coming..... whenever i get to it! ^_^ ★