turkey's list collection

to be honest, page is probably not interesting for you. ^_^; it's just a place for me to collect lists of junk.
i used to keep up with a listography in high school and i've always loved making lists.
many items listed here might also be in notebooks of mine lol but i'm curious if i'll enjoy keeping some here.

things to possibly add/edit my site

better about page
favorite characters page
update acnl page
furby page
things i might wanna make shrines for (weird list lol)
jurassic world
britney spears
get courage to post my art here???

lofty goals

get down to 150 lb
learn 한글
pay off my credit card debts before 2019
try weight lifting
get a better job
learn how to code
get accepted to an artist alley in 2019