welcome to hydrangea garden

~*~*turkey's personal webpage*~*~

this site is made purely for fun ^_^ it's something i can work on in my spare time. obviously it's way under construction right now but i hope you'll enjoy looking through it.

12/29/22 this site is still here as a scrapbook and i want to tell you that i'm touched seeing people find my page even though it's dead. since people still find shelter in hydrangea garden, i wanted to share with you that i now run another neocities site called secret cottage. the style is a bit different coz i've changed, i guess i moved so i can always remember hydrangea garden as it is. secret cottage has allowed me to be more free with how i design. thanks a lot for the kind comments on my guestbook.


i've been nostalgic for neocities lately. i hope i won't be gone forever but as you can tell, i've had to actively make myself stay away since my life is really busy. :( all i can say for now is i will still keep one eye here if you ever want to say howdy. i've tried to remove broken links so browsing my site isn't too clunky.

i've been open in my run here on neocities and reading my blog posts from this time is so bittersweet. bye for now... <3 ~*turkey*~ <3

5/18/2019 wow!!!!
thank you sooo much for visiting the hydrangea garden!!! ^_^ even though the updates are slow i've had a lot of fun working on my site, it means a lot that it's been visited 20,000 times!

3/22/2019 hey y'all *said in britney spears voice* i've actually followed through on adding some updatez, there's some new graphics in goodies, a new my movie recommendations page (which suckz sorry >_>), new interests page, LONG OVERDUE update to my links out, and some tweaks on other pages... hope you like it! ★

2/23/2019 i'm working on adding some updates here and there!! thank you soooo much for checking out my site and for the nice messages on my guestbook! ^_^v it means a lot to me so i want to make sure i keep y'all coming here to hang out among the hydrangeas. ^_^

8/23/2018 i've updated the way hydrangea garden works! added frames and am currently working on getting everything running smoothly again.

8/22/2018 check out some new stuff on goodies page, the new second page of videos in my collection, and updated links out to other kewl sites!

here's a code if you would like to link to my site! please let me know in my guestbook if you added me so i can return the favor!