turkey's movie recommendations

this is a low pressure page for me to throw some movies i like that i thought you might like to check out. ^_^
~*no spoilers zone*~

ghost world (2001)

director: terry zwigoff

i didn't see ghost world until i was in college but i was immediately bummed that i never got to see it as a bitter high schooler. at certain parts, i felt like i was reliving my shortly-after-high-school-finished phase. even though the story is a little different, the movie feels a lot like the comic.

a+ cinematography and interesting characters.

helter skelter (2012)

director: mika ninagawa

the source material for this movie is probably my favorite manga of all time so i was delighted to see how they treated the film version! this is a very fascinating story about the downfall of a supermodel. they play a lot with the intersection of the beautiful and grotesque. you would like this if you're a fan of valley of the dolls or even andy warhol.

lost in translation (2003)

director: sofia coppola

i always watch lost in translation when i'm in a rut. the score, the way it's shot, the acting... i think it's a pretty perfect movie. scarlett johansson and bill murray are both subtle but genius. i would recommend it if you like quiet, strongly atmospheric things.

muppets take manhattan (1984)

director: frank oz

maybe it's because it's nostalgic for me but muppets take manhattan is my ULTIMATE cheer up movie. i've seen it a million times but every scene makes me smile. the tone and story is pretty much what you'd expect from a muppets movie but i promise there are several hilarious scenes!! i would recommend this for anyone who is having a bad day or wants to watch a fun movie with a kid or something.

only yesterday (1991)

director: isao takahata

only yesterday is a beautiful movie. it has a nostalgic aura and it's quite slow-paced. i would recommend it for someone who likes other studio ghibli movies and wants to watch something while curled up with a blanket and cup of hot tea while reflecting on their life. =)

pee-wee's big adventure (1985)

director: tim burton

this is a lighthearted movie that is so much fun to watch. =) i laugh out loud at just about every scene every time. full of fun side characters.